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D3O Sheets

D3O Sheets Also available in  2mm, 4mm, and 6mm Thickness.

D3O Sheets with shock-absorbing properties

D3O® uses patented, patent-pending, and proprietary technologies to make rate-sensitive, soft, flexible materials with shock-absorbing properties.

D3O Sheets D3O® foam sheets can be cut to size and applied to the body as an under-wrap to provide added protection to select body parts or to contusions without leaving the field for more than a few seconds. D3O® foam is soft and flexible and can be cut to any shape to match your specific needs.

Add D3O®’s patented impact protection to existing equipment by cutting your own padding. D3O® foams are made from cutting-edge smart molecules that remain soft and flexible until a force is applied causing the material to react on the molecular level by seizing up and binding together providing uncompromising impact protection.

D3O® set solid and mesh sheets reduce up to three times as much force as similar foam padding without the added bulk. Only 4mm of solid D3O® AERO out preforms 20mm of EVA foam in transmitted force testing by up to 60%. More than doubling the protective layer 10mm unskived AERO sheets are the ultimate side-line wrap.

To learn more about D3O® foam sheets and to get a glimpse at the raw testing data click the link below.


Pure Platinum Metal Sheet/Foil



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If you are planning to order large quantities for your industrial and academic needs, please note that customization of parameters (such as size, length, purity, functionalities, etc.) are available upon request.


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