Process R&D: NANOCHEMAZONE begins with a thorough screening of the process parameters. Stress tests are also run to make sure that the reactions are controlled; for example, key impurities could be identified to determine if they have the potentiality to cause problems in the isolation of the final product. The efficiency of each operation is carefully evaluated to minimize the waste generation for environmentally friendly synthesis. All the chemical operators in NANOCHEMAZONE undergo rigorous training and testing to ensure that safety procedures are both understood and followed.

NANOCHEMAZONE laboratories are well equipped for the highly pure synthesis of compounds. NANOCHEMAZONE offers the service of Characterization techniques like Spectroscopic and Microscopic techniques like Scanning Electron Microscopy, Transmission Spectroscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy, Uv-Vis, FTIR, Raman, TGA, DSC, DLS, Zeta, XRD, etc.

With support from our expert team of analysts, chemical engineers, and QA professionals, NANOCHEMAZONE can develop scalable manufacturing processes efficiently to meet any need. We ensure that all the detailed data in every single step, such as time, temperature, purity, and source of the starting material and solvent, purification method and storage condition is well recorded to make sure that all the steps are repeatable and reproducible. NANOCHEMAZONE is expertise to provide safe, cost-effective process R&D.

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