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Phthalocyanine Nano Powder

Product Name: Phthalocyanine Nano Powder

Product Name Phthalocyanine Nano Powder
Stock No NCZ-NSC299-/20
CAS No 574-93-6
Purity 99.9%
APS 500nm (0.5um) (Can be customized)
Molecular Formula C32H18N8
Form Powder
Color Blue Powder
Molar mass 514.552 g·mol−1

Phthalocyanine Nano Powder Description

Phthalocyanine Nano Powder is a large, aromatic, macrocyclic, organic compound with the and is of theoretical or specialized interest. It is composed of four isoindole units linked by nitrogen atoms. H2Pc has a two-dimensional geometry and a ring system consisting of 18 π-electrons. The extensive delocalization of the π-electrons affords the molecule useful properties, lending itself to applications in dyes and pigments. Metal complexes derived from Pc2.The conjugate base of H2Pc, are valuable in catalysis, organic solar cells, and photodynamic therapy. Phthalocyanine and derived metal complexes (MPc) tend to aggregate and, thus, have low solubility in common solvents. Benzene at 40 °C dissolves less than a milligram of H 2Pc or CuPc per liter. H 2Pc and CuPc dissolve easily in sulfuric acid due to the protonation of the nitrogen atoms bridging the pyrrole rings. Many phthalocyanine compounds are, thermally, very stable, and do not melt but can be sublimed. CuPc sublimes at above 500 °C under inert gases nitrogen, CO Substituted phthalocyanine complexes often have much higher solubility. They are less thermally stable and often can not be sublimed. Unsubstituted phthalocyanines strongly absorb light between 600 and 700 nm, thus these materials are blue or green. Substitution can shift the absorption towards longer wavelengths, changing color from pure blue to green to colorless (when the absorption is in the near-infrared). There are many derivatives of the parent phthalocyanine, where either carbon atoms of the macrocycle are exchanged for nitrogen atoms or the peripheral hydrogen atoms are substituted by functional groups like halogens, hydroxyl, amino, alkyl, aryl, thiol, alkoxy and nitrosyl groups. These modifications allow for the tuning of the electrochemical properties of the molecule such as absorption and emission wavelengths and conductance.

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Storage Conditions:

Airtight sealed, avoid light, and keep dry at room temperature.

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