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MF: Pb
Chemical Name: Lead Nanowires
Purity: > 99.99%
Diameter: 80±20 nm
Length: up to 200µm
Form: Nanowire
Product Number: NCZW107
CAS Number 7439-92-1

Lead Nanowires Description

Lead Nanowires is a nanostructure, with the diameter of the order of a nanometre (10−9 meters). It can also be defined as the ratio of the length to the width being greater than 1000.

Alternatively, nanowires can be defined as structures that have a thickness or diameter constrained to tens of nanometers or less and an unconstrained length.

At these scales, quantum mechanical effects are which coined the term “quantum wires”. Lead Nanowire’s different types of nanowires exist, including superconducting (e.g. YBCO[1]), metallic (e.g. NiPtAu).

Semiconducting (e.g. silicon nanowires (SiNWs), InP, GaN) and insulating (e.g. SiO2, TiO2). Molecular nanowires are composed of repeating molecular units either organic

Lead Nanowires Related Information

Storage Conditions:

Airtight sealed, avoid light and keep dry at room temperature.

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