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Carboxylic Functionalized Graphene

Product Name: Carboxylic Functionalized Graphene

Product Name Carboxylic Functionalized Graphene
Product Code NCZ-VA-154/21
CAS No 7782425
Purity >99%
Physical Form Powder
Color Black
Density 0.45 g/cm3
Diameter 5-10 um
Hs Code 38019000
COOH Ratio 2-5%
Surface Area 60-200 m2/g
Thickness 5-10 nm


Carboxylic Functionalized Graphene is produced by chemical exfoliation method on which further treatment is done to introduce -COOH group at the edges and surfaces.


Improves electrically conductive. Improves thermal conductive. Improves mechanically stability. Dispersed much easier.

The surface and edge modifications do not penetrate into the bulk of these materials, and therefore doesn’t damage the structural integrity and related properties

Advantages: Carboxyl groups are a reactive chemical species which finds use in a large variety of applications where advancement is require. Such us, it is compatibility with a number of polymers, including alkene and resin chemistries and much more.

Applications: Carboxylic Functionalized graphene has been is recommended for polymers and metals composites, paints and coatings, civil construction material, oil and refineries, inks, batteries, desalinations, solars, energy conversion, hydrogen storage, super-capacitors, electromagnetic wave absorption and shielding, catalysts, super capacitors, textiles, electronics and sensors etc.

The users are: Academic Research Centres and Industries covering this application.

Storage Conditions:

Airtight sealed, avoid light, and keep dry at room temperature.

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