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Stannic Sulfide Powder

Product Name: Stannic Sulfide Powder

Product Name Stannic Sulfide Powder
Product Code NCZ-VA-107/21
CAS No 1315-01-1
Molecular Formula SnS2
APS D50=10μm
Appearance Powder
Purity 99.9%
Molecular Weight 182.83
Melting Point 1230℃
Density 4.5 g/cm3
Applications Holographic records


Tin (II) sulfide is a chemical compound of tin and sulfur. The chemical formula is SnS. Its natural occurrence concerns herzenbergite (α-SnS), a rare mineral. At elevated temperatures above 905 K, SnS undergoes a second order phase transition to β-SnS in recent years; it has become evident that a new polymorph of SnS exists based upon the cubic crystal system, known as π-SnS


Tin (II) sulfide is a dark brown or black solid, insoluble in water, but soluble in concentrated hydrochloric acid. Tin (II) sulfide is insoluble in (NH4)2S. It has a layer structure similar to that of black phosphorus. As per black phosphorus, tin(II) sulfide can be ultrasonically exfoliated in liquids to produce atomically thin semiconducting SnS sheets that have a wider optical band gap (>1.5 eV) compared to the bulk crystal.

Storage Conditions:

Airtight sealed, avoid light, and keep dry at room temperature. 

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