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Product Name: Ferrovanadium Nitride Powder

Product Ferrovanadium Nitride Powder
Colour Greyish silver
Purity ≥ 99.9%
Particle size 1-10 µM (customizable)
Ingredient/MF FeVN
Product Code NCZ-CN-149/20
CAS Number 7439-89-6 / 24646-85-3

Ferrovanadium Nitride Powder Description: 

Ferrovanadium Nitride (Vanadium-Nitrogen alloy) is a composition ferrovanadium nitride.

Ferrovanadium nitride is proposed for joint nitrogen and vanadium steel doping.

Ferrovanadium Nitride (Vanadium-Nitrogen Alloy) is a new type of alloy additive,

It can substitute Ferro Vanadium used in the production of Micro alloying-steel.

Ferrovanadium Nitride Powder Application:

  1. FeVN alloy powder can be used for structural steel, tool steel, pipeline steel, steel, and cast iron.
  2. It is used for nitrogen-containing steel melting: high- strength low-alloy steel (HSLA), rail steel, quick cutting steel, etc.
  1. Ferrovanadium Nitride adding to the steel can increase the strength, tough, tactility, anti-thermal fatigue, etc.
  2. It also can make the steel be able to fulfill solderability to attain the same strength, adding Ferrovanadium Nitride could save 30-40% of Vanadium, thereby saving the cost.

Ferrovanadium Nitride Powder Advantages:

  1. Low melting point, high-density products, under the condition of the same production, vanadium and nitrogen yield is higher than similar products.
  2. Low nitrogen vanadium than more reasonable, high strengthening ability.
  3. Stable high product purity, ingredients, production has smaller fluctuation, the mechanical performance of steel performance has higher reliability.

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Ferrovanadium nitride powder
Ferrovanadium Nitride Powder
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