Blue Luminescent Hydrophilic Graphene Quantum Dots (Powder)


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Blue Luminescent Hydrophilic Graphene Quantum Dots (Powder)

Condition Powder
Color White
Particle Size <10nm (Customizable)
Quantum Yield >50%
Fluorescence λEx: 365nm, λEm: 435nm, FWHM: 70±5nm
Quantity 20mg/Bottle (Customizable)
Functional Groups -OH, -COOH, -NH2, -SH etc. (Customizable)
MOQ  1 Bottle

Our Product is Graphene Quantum Dots, a carbon-based nanoparticle which is organic and nontoxic in nature with a size less than 20nm and possesses both excellent UV absorbing (>95%) and Fluorescent properties.

Field of applications: –

1. Fluorescent pigments for security application.

2. Bio-imaging markers and fluorescent dye.

3. Fluorescent polymers.

4. Antibacterial, anti-biofouling, disinfection systems.

5. Heavy metals, humidity, and pressure sensors.

6. Batteries.

7. Flash memory devices.

8. Photovoltaic devices.

9. Light-emitting diodes.

10. Excellent UV Absorbent

11. Pigments for Fluorescence paint (glows in UV Light or Dark Light)

12. Excellent optical Brightener

13. Excellent Pickering emulsifier etc.



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