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About NanoChemazone

NanoChemazone is a premium supplier of Nanomaterials, Graphene, Carbon Nanotubes, Nanodiamonds, Nanoparticles, Nanoceramics, Quantum Dots, Metal Nanopowders, Fullerenes, Nanowires, Nano- and Micro- Salts & Derivatives.

Nanochemazone is a high-tech certified enterprise, one of the finest manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, and suppliers of this highly commendable range of nanotechnology products. Nanochemazone offers high-quality products of nanotechnology for research and development as well as for Industrial applications. Nanochemazone is involved in all aspects of the business: manufacturing, research, and development, processing, supplying and marketing of nanoscale, microscale, and metal nanopowder products at Global Level. Nanochemazone products are available in pre-packaged catalog sizes, in semi-bulk and bulk quantities.

We also offer custom synthesis and special packaging services. The aim is full automation of all experiments and production, in order to secure quality and reproducibility. Our goal is to provide high-quality nanomaterial products, service or technical proposals. We have established close relationships with many well-known research universities, national laboratories, and innovative companies. 


Custom Synthesis

Custom Synthesis Customers Are Also Welcome to Provide Literature Methods or Their Own Synthetic Routes in Which All Relevant Information Such as Reaction Time

R&D Service

NANOCHEMAZONE Begins with a Thorough Screening of the Process Parameters. Analytical Tests are Run at Each Step to Make Sure that the Reactions are Controlled

Analytical Services

Strong Scientific Knowledge and Experience in the Regulatory Requirements of Both the International and Domestic Industry Market

Awesome Features

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it. Our primary goal is client satisfaction.


Our interdisciplinary research and development team has a setup record of creating an innovative resolution for complex issues.



Our team is determined to give on time and cost effective deliveries that exceed our customer’s expectations.



How quickly can you deliver?

For in-stock items, we can do same day ship-outs for those customers that request rush orders. We must receive your order before noon if you would like the item shipped out that same day. The shipping speeds we offer are 3-Day or Ground for domestic shipments.

International shipments typically take shipping companies a few business days to deliver. For items that are not in stock, the delivery schedule will vary based on the item. Please contact our sales team to inquire whether a material is in stock.

What shipping companies do you use? Can you ship ‘freight collect’?

We use FedEx or DHL – whichever you prefer.

Yes, we can ship ‘freight collect’ against your account with any of these shipping companies.

Are there any other costs?

Apart from the product costs and shipping costs, we charge SHE Accreditation fees & Handling fees. The only exception is when a shipment contains a hazardous material and is shipped ‘freight collect’.

Note that your country’s customs may impose taxes/fees/duties; these are not our responsibility.

Can you draw up a quote / proforma invoice for me?

Our sales team provides official quotes for you. However, you must first specify the billing address, shipping address, e-mail address, phone number, and shipping method (i.e., shipping speed, whether or not it is shipping ‘freight collect’, etc.). We cannot create an accurate quote without this information.

Do you accept purchase orders?

We accept purchase orders from customers that have a credit history with us or have supplied us with one. You can fax, e-mail or mail the purchase order to us (see our contact section for more information).

Please make sure the purchase order has both the company/institution letterhead and authorized signature on it. Also, you must specify the billing address, shipping address, contact person, e-mail address, phone number, and shipping method. For international orders: please do not submit purchase orders written in languages other than English.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept three different ways to pay for your orders:

Check: Please make your check payable to “Aritech Chemazone Pvt Ltd.”, and mail it to the address listed on the invoice.

Wire Transfer: To arrange for a direct bank transfer, please e-mail our accounting department for our bank account details (Nanochemazone charges $20 for all wire transfer transactions).

Does Nanochemazone offer discounts?

We offer 5-10% discount for academic research.

If a material is currently in stock, can you ‘reserve’ it for me?

Not in all cases. Our materials are sold with priority given to customers whose payment we receive first, and whose delivery instructions we receive first. Thus, if payment delays or shipping-communication delays are preventing us from completing your order, another customer may get priority.

Can you custom-manufacture a product for me?

If there is a nanoparticle that we do not have in stock, then yes, it is generally possible for us to get it produced for you. We would do a custom manufacturing run to produce it. However, this approach is typically only suitable for our industrial customers, since it usually requires (a) a minimum of kg-sized quantities ordered (b) thousands of dollars of overhead costs, and (c) months of lead time. If interested, please e-mail sales with details of what you are looking for.

What is the Ordering Procedure?

Ask for Quote————-Ask for ProForma Invoice—————–Send out the payment via Online Bank Transfer/Demand Draft/Bank Telegraphic Transfer—————-Product shipped out within 5 days

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